Move the Chair Challenge (OMG in Singapore)

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Move the Chair Challenge (OMG in Singapore)

싱가포르 메이커교육기업 OMG에서 SSELTO 키트를 활용하여 의자를 옮겨보는 재미있는 프로젝트를 했네요.
아이들이 정말 다양한 아이디어로 시도해보는군요.

Move the Chair Challenge

The challenge today was to move a plastic chair using roving robots that they have to build themselves. While some tried to pull or push the chair alone, they soon realized that only by working cooperatively together, this problem can be solved. To celebrate their success, everyone went Hebocon-mode and carnage ensues.

Day 4: Move the Chair challenge x Hebocon-style battle

“Trash to Cash” is a maker programme designed for secondary/high school students that turns to upcycling as a way to provide an authentic context for making to take place. The programme also weaves in the design approach and marketing & entrepreneurship process that is necessary to ensure that the product made has some functional & desirable value other than mere aesthetics. We also hope to expose students to a wider socio-economic issue concerning excessive consumption, waste management, the future of augmenting artisanal or cottage industry with technology and the generation of economic value through creative & designerly works.

게시: OneMaker Group – OMG 2019년 3월 14일 목요일

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